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We are a national Mobile Data Destruction service our teams operate across all of the UK. We specialise in all types of data destruction including Hard Disk Drives, Data Tapes and Optical Disks. We also offer data erasure/ wiping all with a compliance gurantee. Don’t take any risks with future of your company data- let us guarantee your data compliance.


If you have 10 or more hard drives please ring to book an on site secure mobile shredding appointment.

Absolute Data Destruction provides a range of services for managing the complete destruction of client data deliver guaranteed residual data destruction.

We also offer erasure services using a range of market leading tools such as Blanco Data Cleaner and Tabernus Enterprise Erase. All the tools are approved to the standards set out by GCHQ Communications-Electronic Security Group (CESG) in their HMG information Assurance (IA) Standard No 5- Secure Sanitisation of Protectively Marked or Sensitive Information, one of the most stringent data destruction standards in the world. We also exceed the requirements of the US Department of Defence standards

You can be 100% confident in our Guarantee

On Site Data Destruction and Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Magnetic Tape Destruction

Hard Drive Erasure For Resale


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Our dual process Hard drive shredder not only destroys the hard drive down to an average of 5mm particles it also degausses the data post destruction. Our process  is unique to Absolute Data Destruction.

Once the procedure is complete a certificate of destruction is issued detailing the assets destroyed.

The Video evidence of the procedure can then be viewed online.

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Hard Drive Destruction

To provide the best available absolute destruction service we have combine two destruction technologies in one seamless operation.  Firstly the magnetic protection is removed from the drive.  Then the storage media is passed unprotected through a strong magnetic field.  The disks are then fed through to a shredder which cuts them in to tiny pieces no bigger than 5mm.

100% of the drive material is recovered and recycled.  We even recycle the Rare Earth magnets which drive the hard drive heads.

Magnetic Tape Destruction

Magnetic tapes are usually used to store large amounts of data for archiving and back up purposes.  Tapes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Data tapes are not as easy to securely destroy as you might think.  At recycling centres you quite often see tapes floating around in the wind.

Absolute Data Destruction first erase the tape using a high powered magnetic field known as degaussing.  This disrupts the way the data is stored on the tape. We then place the tapes in security containers and incinerate them.  We use certified energy from waste sites and we carry the containers there ourselves, witness the destruction and record video evidence.

Secure Erasure for Reuse or Resale

Where devices are required for reuse Absolute Data Destruction uses certified erasure tools overwrite your unwanted data.  This enables the device to be reused or resold.  Each device is issued with a certificate which details the device details and the method used for destroying the data.

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