Asset Recovery And Reuse- Value Recovery

Lifecycle Solutions is the perfect partner for the management of your redundant technology equipment. Whether its testing, repairing and refurbishing and then selling complete items to end users or Datacenter infrastructure to the support marketplace, Lifecycle Solutions has the connections and knowledge to gain the best possible after market return for your unwanted assets.

Reuse, Repair or Recycling of technology parts

Sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Parts become scarce and rise in value towards the end of their life.
The maintenance and support market place relies of parts recovered from used products. Lifecycle Solutions leads the market in the identification of parts and recovery of value prior to recycling. We recover significant value which others send to waste.

Lifecycle Solutions recovers, cleans, tests and remarkets over 100,000 spare parts every month. We provide parts with a full warranty to over 20 countries worldwide.

Hard Drive Repair and Rectification

Lifecycle Solutions is a global leader in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) recovery and reuse. Lifecycle Solutions owns Intelligent Storage Solutions Ltd (ISS) who have specialized in this field since 2002.

ISS is an industry innovator in hard drive recovery and refurbishment, utilizing advanced processing systems to repair, erase and recertify high volumes of HDDs for re-use or resale.

Operating from certified facilities in the UK (and part of the ISS group globally), we serve a diverse range of customers worldwide including OEMs, Repair Centers, STB/PVR manufacturers, operators and other after-market services companies, working together to help them deliver the best possible service to their customers.

Lifecycle Solutions provides expertise in extracting optimum value from every recoverable asset to add more value to their business performance.

Material Recycling and Value Recovery

Waste electrical equipment has a material value which is very often wasted. Lifecycle Solutions has the expert knowledge in the recovery of value from all types of electrical waste. We ensure absolute process efficiency in both treatment and movement to ensure the maximum value is achieved. Also found in electrical equipment are hidden hazardous materials and pollutants. There is no one solution and all equipment should be expertly assessed before a process is decided upon. Lifecycle Solutions provides such an assessment, discusses and shares the options with our clients to ensure it best fits both the client’s corporate policies and is fully compliant with law’s, directives and regulations. All of our services come with our compliance guarantee.

Returns and Warranty Management

Fast and efficient management of customer returns and warranty claims is essential for modern OEM’s, distributors and retailers/e-tailers. In some circumstances it can make the difference between both profit and loss and between a happy client and the loss of your valuable reputation.

Lifecycle Solutions can help. Our flexible integrated Returns and Warranty Management services means that our systems talk in real time ensuring your customers are never left in limbo. Authorization of returned material and the integration with your chosen logistics solution are all standard.

Returned products are assessed within stringent service levels and categorized depending on their condition and completeness. Non-compliant returns are immediately identified and an optional customer service process can be used to ensure a clear understanding of the status both with you and your customer.

A wide spectrum of destination options exist from recycling to refurbishment and either return to client or a fully managed remarketing service. This service can be linked to our client’s “factory outlet” or to restricted market sales avoiding a dilution of brand value in local markets.

Assessment, reporting and recycling are all carried out in your local market for speed of service. Repair and Refurbishment work is carried out in our reprocessing centers in Eastern Europe where an extremely high yield is achieved. Product which elsewhere would be recycled is reused and then sold to controlled markets.

Surplus Inventory Value Recovery

Stock turn is a key measure of business efficiency. It is sometimes presented as the difference between a business running, walking or crawling. Sometimes, however, things change. Forecasts don’t go as planned or errors are made. This can result in shortages or surplus and both are serious challenges.

Surplus or slow moving inventory ties up company cash and depreciates in real market terms. It also ties up space and valuable company resources slowing the whole business down. It’s never a pleasant challenge to overcome however Lifecycle Solutions can help. Where the recovery of value is the key objective a project will always start with a market assessment. This is undertaken with care. Traders who focus on first profit can very often damage the market simply creating waves. One trader sending enquiries to ten traders who then in turn send to more simply amplifies the challenge. The market sees a deluge of stock and prices depress. Following the assessment, a value recovery plan is produced and presented to you clearly laying out the options and value achievable and the timeframe in which they can be achieved. The business process is tailored to fit your needs and considered restricted markets, existing channels and distribution agreements.